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Founded in 2015, Groom Service was brought to life out of the belief that grooming should be different, and better, for the animals involved. No two animals are the same. They have different breeds, histories, and lives that help shape who they are. It is with this knowledge that we look at each client as an individual instead of just a number.

In our salon you can often hear us saying, " We know what is going on, but they don't." Animals should not be expected to just get new experience. They do not understand why they must have clippers on them or their nails trimmed. This does not mean that they cannot learn to enjoy their visits. We often give play time with one of our groomers after dropping off to help them learn that this is not a scary place and can even be fun! We use high prized treats, toys, play, and positive reinforcement techniques and are known to "spoil" our clients.

Through our Nervous Pet Program, we have helped many dogs that have been kicked out of other salons or have problems with the grooming experience. We have dealt with fear of water, scissors, clippers, and more! This program is tailored to each individual so no two are the same. We often find that just the switch in the environment and the way things are done have had a huge impact.

We also believe that working with our pet community is extremely important. We work with Peoria County Animal Shelter as much as possible to make the animals in their care feel the best they can. We also work with Paws Giving Independence to help groom dogs in their programs so that they can free up donations for other uses.

Give us a call today and find out how we can help make the grooming experience the best it can be for your furry family members.