Groom Service LLC


Groom Service is excited to add dog walking on to our services! A meet and great at the owners home is needed to set up the walks. Every customer will recieve a key lockbox so no one ever has a copy of your key. Visits will range between 15-30 minutes depending on what you need. We will supply everything needed.

We will also be using an app that will allow us to check in at a customer's home, check out, leave notes, and show where we went and how long. We can even take pictures! You will get a GPS tracked route on each walk.

We offer monthly packages or you can buy a single walk for $25 for our full visits, $15 for our Quick Break visits, and $30 for our Puppy visits. Each additional dog is $10 more and ALL of our packages will work on leash walking if needed.

**Dog walking in the areas of Edwards, Dunlap, Peoria only. We will update when we add on more areas.**




This package include a 30 minute walk. We bring everything needed, including doggie bags, front clip harness, Martingale collars, treats, and more.

5 days a week- $75 a week/$300 a month
4 days a week-$68 a week/$272 a month
3 days a week-$60 a week/$240 a month
2 days a week-$50 a week/$200 a month
1 day a week-$25 a week/$100 a month
This package includes everying the 30 minute visit does, only for 15 minutes. If you prefer for us to play with your dog in your yard instead of a short walk, we can do that too! This is great for dogs that need to be let out during the day.

5 days a week- $62.50 a week/$250 a month
4 days a week- $50 a week/$200 a month
3 days a week- $40.50 a week/$162 a month
2 days a week- $30 a week/$120 a month
1 day a week- $20 a week/$80 a month



Our Puppy package is to help you not only potty train your puppy, but to help leash train them as well! We can break up the visits in to 2-15 minute sessions for younger puppies and make it in to one 30 minute session as needed.

5 days a week- $100 a week/$400 a month
4 days a week- $92 a week/$368 a month
3 days a week-$75 a week/$300 a month
2 days a week-$60 a weeo/$240 a month
1 day a week-$30 a week/$120 a month
This package is a leash training only package. We will come to your home and help you train your dog to make leash walking more fun and comfortable for all.

The first visit is $50 which is also a consult. Then, three extra visits are $25 each. Total package cost is $125.