Groom Service LLC


  1. Jennifer Weibring
    Jennifer is in charge of the day to day operations of our salon. She is also our groom trainer and works specifically with our more difficult dogs. Jennifer has an extensive background working with animals.
  2. Krista Brodbeck
    Krista is our head cat groomer and is in charge of everything to do with cats in our salon. She is continuing her education in behavior and training techniques with dogs as well.
  3. Sarah Bartlett
    Sarah is our head dog groomer and is in charge of quality control (just below Angel). She works hard to continue her education and has an amazing eye for detail. She hopes to one day teach other groomers in the Groom Service way.
  4. Ferguson
    Also known as Fergie, The Fergs, and Princess Ferguson. Fergie is the head of HR. She can be seen working in the office yelling at everyone in her gruff voice. She enjoys being brushed, listening to Celine Dion, and playing with the cord holes in the counters.
  5. Angel
    Angel has retired and is currently experiencing life living in a home for the very first time!
  6. Nox
    Nox's formal name is Mr. Man. He is in charge of (people) customer happiness. He can be seen perched on someone's shoulders or begging to be picked up. He loves humans above all else. He has recently started dating Babushka, our former foster.