Groom Service LLC
  1. Grooming
    All grooming appointments are all-inclusive.
    Included in our services are: -Tailored shampoo and conditioner -Teeth brushing -Nail grinding -Paw cream -Nose cream -Bath -Haircut or tidy up if needed
  2. VIP Monthly Payments
    Tailored program to help stretch out grooming costs.
    We have 5 different levels of our VIP Program that range from every 6-12 week grooming. Every program level includes: -10%-5% discount for each appointment and retail on every level -Freebies that include nails, teeth, brush outs and more -First to be scheduled, including on holidays -Stress free automatic monthly payments
  3. Nervous Pet Program
    We work with pets that have a hard time with grooming .
    Each pet gets: -A free consultation to evaluate the behavior and issues that occur during grooming. -Tailored plan to help correct and or desensitize the pet -Homework and instructions to help with the process at home -Fun and rewarding mini-grooming training sessions
  4. Miscellaneous Services
    We have a lot of services to meet your needs.
    Some of our other services are: -Brush outs -Face, feet, and fanny clean ups -Substance removal -Painting nails -Chalk coloring -And more!